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Family Pics

So we finally took the plunge and had a professional family photo shoot. I had been wanting to take family photos for some time but you know how that goes, one thing after another comes up and next thing you know it's December and now you're acting out in sheer desperation for two reasons primarily the first being we had no good photos to use for our Christmas cards and secondly we had never taken professional photos as a family and Elsie is almost two! That and the mere fact that my belly is growing quite rapidly and I wanted photos taken before it completely took over my body. I wanted it to be a family shoot not a maternity shoot, but since this shoot just a short month ago my belly has doubled in size so expect some maternity photos soon. I must say that I was quite nervous about the outcome of the photos considering how non-photogenic Elsie is and how for the hour shoot we were just basically running around with her in the brush, but we received 75 beautiful photos! Hope you enjoy!


Kristi and Ken said...

you got some great pics! love them!

Anonymous said...

I love your family pictures! And you looks amazing!

DawnaHartman said...

These family pictures are AWESOME! Love, love, love them! I'm about to frame your Christmas card :)