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A girl can dream can't she?

I received this handsome blanket and a few other treasures from my sister over the holiday. Of course she handcrafted them herself (and her mama embroidered them) which make them that much more special. I knew as soon as I pulled the blanket out of the box and caught glimpse of the argyle print that is was exactly what I wanted for Vernon's room. Micah quickly agreed as well that it was perfect for the nursery, seeing as we aren't doing an actual theme but hoping to find cool vintage pieces for his room to compliment the argyle fabric.

Below are some items I have come across and hope to incorporate into his room. I am going to have a fitted sheet made with the argyle fabric and hope to find a solid brown bumper and crib skirt to go along with it.
1. Nurseryworks rocker - Love this!
   2. Sorelle Commuter Crib in Espresso- Can't believe they have something this sleek & modern @ babies r' us
3. Found these gems on ebay
4. Sold out vintage clock on Etsy
5. Chocolate panels - Walmart (will probably sew the argyle print to the bottom of each)
 6. Hooty Hoot Fabric by Riley Blake- Etsy
        7. Mid century Rocking Chair- Urban Outfitters
    8. Room Essestials 6 Drawer dresser - Target

After getting totally pumped and inspired to create Vernon's room I realized that not only are we a mere eight weeks from delivering him but are in the process of finding a new home before his arrival as well. AAACK! I know, what are we thinking right? I wish we had a choice but unfortunately our dreamy ocean view home just isn't cutting it with its multiple flights of stairs, (including the twenty just to get up to the front door with no garage access) not having an ideal backyard for two little ones is no good either...which we were fine with at first considering we had the beach as our front yard (almost.) We just couldn't imagine an easy way of living with a newborn and a toddler in this home but the kicker of the house situation is Micah's commute. He gets home minutes before Elsie's bed time and that isn't what either of us want. We've only lived in OC for 10 months and had to learn that traffic is just as bad over here as it is everywhere else in Southern California. That being said, we are looking for something without so many levels, a bigger backyard and most importantly, closer to Micah's office. We have been on the hunt but haven't found any as of yet. We know God has the perfect house for our little family and are trying to be patient even though time is really of the essence. Until then I will continue to dream up his nursery and head to as many Flea Markets in hopes of collecting pieces for Vernon's future room... wherever that may be. 


Steph said...

I love the clock! And, yes, I think some red accents would be great. I hope and pray things work out for a new home soon.

jennifer said...