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Average Smaverage

Today was my first appointment to have the Fundal height taken to make sure we are on track with Vernon's growth. I will just call it my belly measurement from here on out because fundal is, well it's just weird.
Anyway I was extremely disappointed to find out I am measuring perfectly normal. Her exact words were,"Vernon is about average size right now." I know what you're all thinking, how after everything I've gone through with this pregnancy I not be elated and doing cartwheels. Well, we all know why I'm not doing cartwheels and I am thrilled that he is healthy and growing strong, but for the last few months I have been under the impression that he was a "big" boy. The last I heard from my surgeon was that he was in the 70th percentile. My doctor assured me that it was the case back then but over time after I grew and months went by everything just evened out and he slowed down on growing and is now right on track. She reminded me I have a little over seven weeks to go and he could very well gain a significant amount of weight. 
The thing is I am so much bigger than I was with Elsie that I just wrote it off as he is big and that is why, now what can I say. I'm just big. That is all. 
Take a look for yourself.
Now only if I had some fabulous vintage pieces to accent this new figure of mine. Aren't these looks divine? So not "average"

How I would love to look as glamorous as Mrs. Draper does preggo.
For now I will just lounge in my stretchy pants and eat anything I want in hopes that I will in fact have a "BIG" boy. 


Tristan said...

Your too funny Nat! Love you!

Ali said...

Hey there! Your blog is so cute! I found it through Mollys ;)

Just want to say that you look gorgeous!!! I know i haven't seen you in person, but really your belly looks wonderful! I am pregnant too and just wish mine looked cute like yours! Trust could be worse hahaha

I love all your vintage pics too!

jennifer said...

Maybe you could find an outfit like that in Mammaws shed.

DawnaHartman said...

Nat! You do look so good. :) I wish I could squeeze you!!! But not too hard of course, we'd both pee our pants.
(And I will scream the next time someone says "you're still so small" to me. Uh, what?)

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful girly! If you see me, I am so huge:( lol but girl we will just have to work hard after they come:)