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Treasured Weekend

In the midst of blogging Cross Country Cookin' and the Maid Simple tip I realized I hadn't posted anything about my wonderful sunny Californian weekend. The weather was pure bliss and we decided to do absolutely nothing on Saturday but lounge around the house. We headed down to the beach at one point because the weather was too perfect. We picked up dinner and watched the sunset over the ocean from the view in our house afterward. So relaxing, so wonderful.
I had a stacked Sunday on my hands with wanting to head to the Flea Market and church before meeting with our realtor to view a couple of houses. The Flea Market didn't fail me and I found treasure upon treasure during my hunt for Vernon's room. Though I didn't find much for his room, I did find a main piece. I also ran into my gal pals Samantha from Vintage is for Lovers and Lauren who helped me with this little number below. 
It is a 1946 refrigerator that I will be painting red and using in Vernon's room as storage for toys and whatnot. It.Is.Awesome. I left before deciding 100% on it and was waiting to hear back from Micah on whether it was a go.(sent him a picture message) He eventually called but I was already half way home. I called Sam to see if she would pick it up for me, which she graciously did and I was beyond thrilled! Of course with all her Flea Market savviness she even got them to knock off $15 from it's already great price. Hurrah for fab finds but even more so for fab friends!

I've been on a mad hunt for vintage buttons, the jar it came in was perfect as well.
 This vintage painting was just so sweet I had to have her. 

These vintage chafing dishes stopped me dead in my tracks. So Mad Men-esque!

Of course my favorite treasures of the weekend were these moments with my precious family.


Jeanie Aurora said...

That is such an awesome idea for storage!! I love your little finds!
When is your due date>? Holy Hell, He is going to be so cute!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

It was so fun treasuring hunting with you on Sunday! I love the fridge! It is amazing! and that painting, and those chafing dishes, and the weather! What a wonderful weekend! xo Samantha