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Vermont or Bust!

We made it! So our 7 hour duration was a breeze, getting through LAX was a nightmare (as usual) and getting to our cabin late at night was a bit of an adventure as well, but so well worth it. Our cabin is awesome, quaint little gem right behind the river. It is beautiful here even though we missed the fall foliage by a mere week, we still love it!
Of course we went to a local Pancake House for breakfast so we could get the taste of Vermont's finest syrups and I of don't order any. I knew Micah and elsie would share some of theirs. Let's just say breakfast was awesome!
We were kind of snowed in on Monday which was amazing! We snuck out before the roads got too bad to buy some chains and while Micah put them on the car Elsie and I walked around the Dollar Tree and bought somethings to keep her entertained in the cabin. Just books and a Christmas video for Micah and I. We picked up Chinese food on the way back to the cabin and had the most relaxing afternoon and evening! We just read and lounged in pj's all day. It was like Micah's dream vacation day. Enjoy some pics! More postings to come from our adventures in Quebec!
She was so excited to carry her luggage through the airport! We kept getting stopped because she was so precious.So we had to carry her to not waste any more time.
While driving to breakfast our first morning we were stopped dead in our tracks at the size of these pumpkins! So rad!
Walking to see the river than ran through town. Elsie was over it in about 2 minutes because the wind was so piercing cold. HAHA!
Helping daddy start the fire. She was blowing on the logs with him and my heart melting because she is just so sweet. Always follows what her daddy does. She loved the loft upstairs. It was completely empty but she still found it to be so much fun!
our first morning here we woke up to snow! Magical!


shannon said...

Oh Nattie! My heart is bursting for you guys! I'm so so glad you and Micah ran away from home for a little while. :)

Jammie said...

Nat it looks like your little family is having a great holiday. Love you all so much.