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Minnie Obsession

So as most of you know Elsie LOVES Minnie Mouse. The last week we have ventured to the Disney store a few times while shopping at the mall for last minute winter clothes we needed for our upcoming trip. She could spend hours in there just hugging all the plush animals. It's really the most precious thing ever. Makes shopping more fun for the both of us knowing we get to go to the Minnie Store at some point during our outing. That's what she calls it, "Minnie Store Mama"
We went last weekend all together as a family because we all needed some things and while in the disney store Micah reminded me he had done a survey for them the last time we were there and gave me a 20% coupon so if we needed anything to keep her busy on our seven hour flight we should get it. Well we didn't find a toy but we did find her a Minnie suitcase. We realized she needed her own to carry all her books,snacks, dvd player & plush toys. also it is perfect for a trip to Grandma's & Grandpa's house.
She freaked out and basically wheeled it out of the store and out to the car. Micah got some goods shots while I just marveled at her preciousness!
During the same visit she climbed up with the extra large plush characters and camped out for a while.
Today she was an absolute gem. I mean I took her shopping all over before and after nap due to last minute things I needed and coupons I had that expired today. Of course in every mall there is a Disney Store (well at least in California there is) and she found some new treasures to enjoy while watching the huge monitor that was playing classic Mickey cartoons.
She literally took off her bow and wore the earmuffs the whole time we were there and was talking to the big plush Minnie as if she were human. She kept saying "Mama, big Minnie Mouse"
Anyway she is a great shopper and an awesome listener while in these stores. I'm taking advantage of this as long as I can, before we have meltdowns. When it is time to go I tell her to say good-bye to minnie and to clean up and she does just that. Then she always yells "Bye-Bye Minnie Mouse!" as we exit the store. LOVE HER!


jennifer said...

ok seriously I can't stand it. this is torture! I need one of those suitcases too ;)

Kristi and Ken said...

She is so sweet! So glad you got some great pics! Have a great trip!

DawnaHartman said...

Her w/that suitcase...killed me. Again, I want to squeeze her.
Can't wait to hear about your trip!! Hope you Ensor's have a nice, relaxing time...annnnd take lots of pictures!

Jasmine said...

HAHA,little cute girl and lovely suitcase. Have a great trip

Jammie said...

I just love her!