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I know, I know, it has been far too long since my last post. It has been a crazy two months. From my family being in the horrendous car accident, to me having to take it easy with this pregnancy because of all the stress and a few other events in between.
I will do a quick update starting with my family in Michigan. There is way too much to go into but basically they are all on the road to recovery, thank God. It will be a few months before Greggy will be in therapy to walk again but Tanya started taking her first steps this past week so YAY! Bear is good but in a lot of pain so they are running a few more test on him. You would think over a month after the accident things would be squared away and they would all just be healing but there are new things everyday with all of them, so please continue to pray for them.

The only picture I will post from this trip. Elsie w/ her Uncle Greg after being released from ICU
As for me and this pregnancy I am a two days shy of 21 weeks! Can you believe it? I can't. So if you aren't up to speed we are having a BOY! His name will be Vernon. We haven't decided on a middle name yet but are firm with Vernon as his first name. This was the name we had as well if Elsie would've been a boy and we just can't seem to find another we love as much.
I am much bigger this time around or at least feel like it. Don't remember having a big ol' bump this early with Elsie, I know for a fact I didn't. I'm excited to think that he will be bigger because I feel my lil' man should be bigger than my petite princess.
I turned 28 in September. I was able to celebrate it with the Ensor's while we were visiting for the Aspen Fest weekend in Ruidoso. It was such a great trip. Watching Elsie interact with her cousins was too cute. Her and Katy were buds. Of course she loved visiting with her Jammie and Papa as well. Ken and Kristi made it up but only saw them for a short while, but it was worth it none the less.
We attempted a cousin shot after waking Elsie up from her nap, didn't go so well.
Jenn (my sis) has many more pictures from this trip you can visit her blog to view those. also more at Kristi & Ken's blog
I hosted my first Fall Boutique which was totally fun and fabulous even though the turnout was bunk. I still made a good amount for my first one and am preparing for the upcoming one in December.
We carved pumpkins with Nat & Mike, and of course Elsie hated getting her fingers dirty so was pretty much over it in the first few minutes.
Elsie has gotten so big and is starting to test her boundaries more each day. She has discovered she can say no and tries not to listen when I ask her to do something the first time. I keep thinking man this is it, here we go, now I really have to parent and pray for patience each day. She is still such a gem when she is not acting out her frustrations and Micah and I love everything about her. We can't wait for her to be a big sister. She already loves baby Vernon and says his name so sweet that I just want to squeeze her.
Halloween week was super fun and Elsie's Minnie Mouse costume got more use than I anticipated so that was awesome. We had a fabuloustimeat Disneyland's Halloween Haunting with the Q's and would definitely do it again next year! MIcah's office get together Friday morning was entertaining and then handing out treats in the driveway with the neighbors was great! Elsie loved it when kids came up for candy.
We leave for Vermont in four days! We are heading to Stowe, VT in celebration of micah's 30th birthday. Rented a cabin for a week surrounded by New England's fall foliage and will be venturing up to Quebec for a day or two as well. We can't wait.
Ok well I know I missed quite a few things in here but this is all I can do before Elsie wakes up and my day slips away from me...again.
oh and of course here is my 5 month bump!


Kristi and Ken said...

Thanks for the post! Love all the pics and am so glad the family in Michigan are on the road to recovery and will keep them in my prayers! Also, wanted to add that there are more pics of Aspenfest on our blog at

Love ya!

DawnaHartman said...

My heart is so warm right now. Love the new post!!! The pictures are so awesome!!! That little girl of yours is just the cutest...I wish I could squeeeeeze her myself!

jennifer said...

It is about time, thanks for the update ;) that is all