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so sorry

Hello blog, how I've missed you. I apologize for the well overdue post but my camera was missing for a few weeks and then I just got lazy. I know these are just excuses but I promise to be better about keeping up with my weekly posts.
Ok now that we got that handled lets just go ahead and post some pics and call it even. I still don't have pics of the new place but I will get to that this week, promise.
I just returned from Michigan where I visited my brothers and met my future sister-in-law and future nieces and nephew. I am so excited for Bear. Tanya is absolutely wonderful and the kids are precious. They made such a great pair and will make an awesome addition to the family. Unfortunately we were planning thier wedding (which is in 6 weeks...AAAAHHHH) and we failed to take any pictures, again I'm sorry and will post some after the wedding.
Just enjoy the few that I have taken over the past few weeks.

at the beach down the street from us

this was taken today, they just looked like they were into something

Michigan shots

at the park down the street


jennifer said...

She is getting so big. Thanks for the pics.

Kristi and Ken said...

I'm SOOOO excited for Bear!!! That's awesome!!! Can't believe little Elsie is just walking around in all these pics now!