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Seven years and counting

Micah and I celebrated our seven year anniversary yesterday. He left work a few hours early so we could head out to Disneyland. The weather was perfect and the park was pretty empty. We took Elsie on a few different rides this time, enjoyed a Monte Cristo Sandwich in the New Orleans Square, not to mention other tasty snacks along the way. We watched the parade and stayed until closing. Elsie was a champ and we loved seeing Disneyland lit up at night. We couldn't remember the last time we stayed until dark. Anyway we had a very blessed day just enjoying our little family.

she tried squeezing her head through the bars

Her scrunchy face, she was excited even though it looks like she's crying

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DawnaHartman said...

That's her excited face?! That kills me...cutest face EVER! This post really makes me miss Disneyland.
Happy 7 years you looks like you had such a great day :)