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all know how much I love Easter and everything that goes into it, and I was totally sleep deprived last year with a new born that I don't even remember the day, plus it still makes me sad to have missed out on such a joyous holiday that I swore this year would be fantastic. Well now here we So I was staring blankly at my blog contemplating what to write about. I know a post is due, but I am so completely preoccupied with the move that I haven't snapped any shots of the Pearl this week. I know my blog is called Nat's thoughts but at the moment I feel I have no thoughts...well none worth blogging about anyway.
I should however announce to everyone that we are officially moving! We found a house in Dana Point with an ocean view, and we couldn't be more excited about it. God is amazing! He has orchestrated everything and it has all just come together, better than I could have even imagined actually, but that's always the case when He is control, can I get an Amen!
There is just one tiny thing that is a little unsettling and it is the fact that we are moving on Easter Weekend. You are, moving and probably not doing much of anything. We originally planned on still driving back up to our old house and Shan was going to prepare EVERYTHING, seeing as how I couldn't prepare anything, due to the fact we would have just moved and would be just settling in to our new pad, we also had planned for my fam to meet here as well. See that was the plan until Micah let me know that he would be starting at his new office on Monday and wanted to get the house somewhat in order, plus he wanted to be well rested...all I heard was we can't do Easter as planned. I'm still devastated but am slowly realizing that this is just how it is. As I always say, life happens, and it is happening. I am thrilled for this next chapter in our lives and I need to remember that God is in control, this is His timing and everything will work out. My mom offered to cook a spread and come up to our new house, but I think we are going to try out a new church in our new town and then whomever wants to come out to visit can and we can have brunch somewhere together and play it by ear.

I guess I'm more upset that our last holiday with the Q's won't be together. I invisioned this last supper kind of thing with them as neighbors and that is now no longer the plan. As I type this I'm thinking God worked it out that way so I wouldn't be a blubbering mess on Easter. Couldn't you picture me now...crying during the church service sitting next to them, crying while cooking in the kitchen with Shan, crying during the blessing of the food, and let's face it I would probably cry while we did our egg hunt. So ya, I guess it's for the best. New traditions on the horizon.

Ok so I was wrong about not taking any photos. While packing on Saturday Micah had put this on the couch and I looked into the living room from the kitchen to see her on the couch. I asked Micah if he put her up there and he replied. "No", so yes I have a climbing Monkey on my hand. Since then she has climbed on everything she possibly can and has earned herself the nickname of E-zilla. Love her.

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jennifer said...

Love ezills in my baby girls dress. Makes me want another :)