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A dear friend was joined in holy matrimony this Saturday and we were so thrilled to be a part of it. We headed down to the event with the Q's and enjoyed ourselves as long as possible before Elsie called it quits. She had missed her afternoon nap and only lasted to about 6:30 before letting us know she was hungry and tired. The ceremony was beautiful and very personable. We enjoyed the reception for the time we were there and even remembered to snap a few shots (these days it's a lost art for us as a group, all of our photos are consumed by Elsie now) An extra special bonus was that we were able to see Dawna who flew in from Erie,PA for the event. She even bought Elsie the cutest Chuck Taylors' ever as an early 1st b-day gift. She is too thoughtful and it was so good to see her for the few moments that we did.
Today, Micah and I went house hunting in Orange County. We stumbled across a few gems which made us even more excited for the upcoming move. Then we made our way to that very special Ramos House I had mentioned in a previous post and had ourselves an amazing brunch! Super fabulous day I might say.
Elsie was glued pretty much to Auntie Shan/Dawna & Elsie
snapped a quick shot w/ Jenny (the bride)
Yes that is a drink, practically a meal in itself from the Ramos House Cafe


Us said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Shannon- you're little yellow dress is adorable! Nat- you and your coordinating of the family outfits just amazes me! It's hard enough for me to plan an outfit for myself, much less two other people! must be getting even smaller. You're head in that last picture looks abnormally large! Reminds me of the Queen of Hearts :-)

DawnaHartman said...

Uh. So what's up Bug Eye!? Now that I've somewhat mastered the smile w/braces...sort of....I need to learn to control my eyes. I am so focused on my mouth, that my eyes are BUGGIN' out!!!

Cute picture of us though!