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While lounging in the backyard and enjoying the perfect weather on Saturday, Elsie decided she had had enough of us and decided to runaway to the Q's backyard. She started out just walking down the path that leads to the gate which enters their yard. She would keep checking to see if we were watching and we would look away and continue talking as if we weren't paying attention each time she did so. Eventually she mustered up enough courage to push through the gate and go into their backyard, with one last glance at Micah and I she went on her merry way. I ran and got the camera and snapped a few shots through the fence. We watched and giggled as she roamed their backyard on her own little adventure. She even went up to there sliding glass door and banged on it a few times while yelling "hey" in hopes that one of them would come and play with her. To much avail no one showed up and she continued exploring until we had to remove her from danger. She starting touching the propane on the grill and that was the end of that.


Us said...

that is too cute!!! sure didn't take her long to figure out that once she could walk she could go make some mischief :) What a brave little adventurer!

DawnaHartman said...

I love this. She is really thinking like "what else can I do back here?"


jennifer said...

love her adventurous side :)