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Elsie's b-day weekend!

A year ago Friday this little miracle was given to us. I know, I'm just as shocked as you about it being a year already and I'm pretty much in denial about the whole thing. This year has just flown by. She has been such an incredible blessing to Micah and me and as I stop and reflect over the past year I couldn't help but think that this was the best year in my life.
We had an incredible birthday weekend and thanks to everyone that was a part of it made it that much more special.
Jammie and Papa flew in Wed. night and we just hung out and laid low until Friday where we met up with the rest of the troops at Disneyland. We arrived at the park just in the nick of time for our reservation at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, and it was awesome. My parents, Uncle Josh, the Q's and the rest of us all chowed down on some great eats and treats while entertained by Disney folk singers. They even acknowledged Elsie's B-day and had her come up on stage with Papa. We all relaxed and sat around chatting before heading out to the rides. Elsie actually lasted longer at the park than I expected considering she skipped her afternoon nap. She even rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle cruise, Haunted Mansion and Pooh Bear. It was a fabulous party group, everyone was just up for a good time. Plus we were stopped everywhere we went because of the shirts we made. People wanted to buy them off our backs, literally. Davey designed them and then Micah, Jan and myself ironed onto the shirts Thursday night.
Then on Saturday we had very few people over to watch Elsie eat her smash cake. We didn't want a big party or a lot of gifts so we kept it extremely low key, but I still had to decorate as though we were having a big shindig, you know how I do...
Shan and Davey made the banner and helped with basically everything. They also got Micah and I parent gifts, which was awesome. They are too sweet. Plus, Shan made a time capsule box for Elsie to open on her 16th birthday which includes tons of items from this year like stamps, magazines, menus but then even had family write cards for her 16th birthday. I think it was the most thoughtful gift ever! There are even pictures of her 1st year included such as her first room, the house we lived in, the park I take her to, the grocery store I shop at. It will be such a fun thing to open not only for Elsie but for me too when that time comes.
Ok now onto what you check this blog for anyway, the pics right?
Here were the transfers laid out before we ironed them onto the shirts.
We wish they could have stayed longer


DawnaHartman said...

I'm actually crying. The time capsule gift from Shan - amazing. Elsie is so blessed.
I LOVE the shirts. It's crazy how you're all in summer wear. It's March. Speakin' of March...I am so happy more and more loved ones can celebrate this birthday month! (Glad she wasn't born on the 31st, that day is already crowded.)


Terry said...

Nat, I have that Cake stand.