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Disneyland and more

So we venture out to Disneyland to get Micah his pass. I have had my pass since November and have gone a few times without him. With Elsie's 1st birthday coming we needed his pass considering we are celebrating her birthday at the park. The park was ridiculously crowded when we arrived at 1:00pm. We stood in line for a couple of trams to take us into the park and then in a very long line to actually purchase the pass. We walked around the park while Elsie ooohhhed and ahhhed everything and rode The Jungle Cruise. She cried. I couldn't believe it. I mean who is afraid of the Jungle Cruise. Micah pointed out that the tour guide was loud over the microphone and was making loud noises, the boat motor was extremely loud and she just had no idea what was going on. She didn't cry like with tears, more of a whiny don't let me go for the fear of her life cry. It was nice to go and it made us excited for her birthday. Right after the park we drove over to a friend's house in Dana Point for a small dinner party. It was a big day for Elsie but she took it like a champ and stayed up until 9:00pm. We hadn't even pulled out of their street when she fell asleep.
Elsie is officially trying to break my heart. She is taking more and more steps on her own each day. She does it when I'm not expecting it so I never have a camera ready. We made her walk and got a few moments on video. Her first steps were right before we left for Cancun but it was only a step. Now we are counting steps. She has gotten up to 8 or 9.
We received our official move out date which is April 5th, 2010 and yet we still aren't sure where we are moving. An opportunity has come up with Micah's company and we are considering that as an option which means we wouldn't be moving to either of the houses we picked because we'd be moving to a completely different city. I haven't started packing yet but that is only because there are so many things on the horizon. We have a guest coming tomorrow to stay for the weekend, then we are throwing our St.Patty's party next Friday, then we have Papa and Jammie coming to visit. So I have just put off tearing down my home until these events have past. I will probably start after our guest is here this weekend. I can pack up the studio and start on the kitchen.
I know there was more I wanted to share but can't think of it at the moment.
Enjoy the pics and video.
before the tour began and then her holding on for dear life halfway through,
out of all the attractions and sites this is what Elsie was fascinated with.
Dinner Party
Elsie played with their son James in the balloons.So sweet.
These are pictures of us at the house the other day. I went into the kitchen to come back to her standing on her toy box. She pushed it closer and got as close as she could to the T.V. Then she kept holding the balloon while trying to walk on her own.
This is her sitting in her toy box,she does this almost everyday. She makes enough room by discarding the toys she doesn't care for and sits and plays with the ones she does. She can be in there for up to 30 minutes sometimes. It just cracks me up.


jennifer said...

OH my goodness! The video was awesome. Can you even believe it?!

Asquare said...

She's a wobbly one, but give her time