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Home Sweet Home

So we did it! We went on our first overnight trip without Elsie. It went surprisingly well considering Elsie came down with a cold the day before we left which practically kept us from going.
The weather wasn't that great, to be honest it was warmer here in Cali than it was in Cancun/It ended up raining most of the trip and was pretty cold but that didn't stop us from having a fabulous time. We had massages, facials, pedicures (well I just had the pedicure) fantastic food, much needed relaxation and amazing food, did I already mention food? Well, it was some serious fine dinning.
Micah and I went out to a restaurant he was raving about since last year. They apparently had the best crab. Micah was wrong, they had the best everything. Rolls, appetizers, crab, dessert, oh and as their appreciation for coming to their restaurant they bring every table a huge spool of Cotton Candy. Check out the pics and see for yourself.
We didn't take many pics which is so not like us but we were too busy doing a lot of nothing to even bother.
Elsie did fabulous with my parents and Uncle Josh. She even reached for Grandpa when she woke up the morning we were there and ready to leave. I could tell my parents were so sad for us to leave. They just enjoyed having her so much. I think their last words were, " You have to move closer" as we were walking out to the car. Good thing I can say " We Are"
Thirty days to be exact. No, I still haven't started packing and I don't intend to until I have the final word that this house we want is a go. There are still a few things up in the air with Micah's work so we are making sure this is the location we need to be moving to.
Anyway, enjoy the few pics I have.
We made the biggest mistakes of our lives and upgraded to first class on the way to Cancun. It was a last minute add on which made it dirt cheap ( I mean dirt cheap) and so we said why not. Let's just say it was really hard coming home flying coach. All these years traveling and how often we fly, what were we thinking! We have been completely content with coach, but now that we know the difference. Oh my was it hard coming home economy seating. The food, service and comfort were impeccable on first class. Like I said, biggest mistake of our lives. We were better off not knowing. Here is a picture of our food when it came. I'm telling you, this trip was all about the food, starting from our flight out.


Asquare said...

They serve White Castle burgers in first class?!

DawnaHartman said...

Um. When you wrote "huge spool of cotton candy" I thought, a large bowl of it was served. Uh. Is that serious?!!! That is the BEST thing ever. It's like a gigantic tumble weed!
So glad to hear you had a great time. <3 you guys!

shannon said...

You know Ima try to upgrade when D and I come home from Erie this summer...thanks a lot.