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New faces, new places

This weekend we had a houseguest. Micah's childhood friend Kyle was in town for a conference, so we had the pleasure of having him stay a few days with us. We mainly just ate out and lounged around the house, we did take him to our little Farmer's market, which was a brief trip due to the rain about to fall. It was so nice having him here.
On Sunday I had been invited to a brunch at a little place in San Juan Capistrano called the Ramos House Cafe. We were having a semi shower for a girlfriend who is about to have her baby any day. I only knew a few of the girls before attending and had never eaten at this place. Let me just say it was hands down one of the best or quite possibly was the best brunch I have ever had. The food was the best food I have ever eaten and the atmosphere was so warm and friendly. I loved all the ladies that were there and had the best conversations. I love meeting new people that are fun and interesting. Ok back to the food. AMAZING! This was a little house converted to a restaurant serving contemporary cuisine in a building dating back to 1881. It is located on the small street Los Rios (part of the historical district in SJC) and is part of the oldest remaining residential street in California!!! Isn't that so cool. I couldn't get over the history of it until the food arrived and now I still can't get over that. To top off the greatest brunch ever the guest of honor (Sam) had purchased all of us ladies cookbooks from the restaurant as a Thank you! I was blown away! It was the sweetest unnecessary gesture of gratitude. I have been non-stop talking about the experience with Micah which has now sparked major interest and we are going again next week so he can see for himself. YAY! Can't wait.
Ok so Elsie is full on walking. Walking people! She just cruises around the house. She walked into the kitchen this morning and I about had a heart attack, this little baby girl seemed so grown up. I can't stand it. So I rocked her to sleep instead of just laying her down because I want to take advantage of holding her in my arms as long as I can before she no longer lets me.
I stopped on my drive home to capture this view. It was so pretty and so cold. Look at my bangs!! Very windy too. My eyes were running like crazy when I got back in the car. Well worth it though.

This video shows Elsie kissing her glowworm.

This is another of her walking.


Asquare said...

Glo Worm definitely needed a kiss after all those boo boos Elsie gave him. Too cute.

Us said...

I can't believe she is walking so much already!!!! Her laugh is so adorable!!!

btw what is that creepy hairball looking thing she is walking around with?