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Representin inappropriately

So as you know last sunday was Superbowl, Elsie's first one. Although Micah and I don't necessarily have a team that we root for we have a few fave's. Tennessee is one of them and while I was out there visiting I found an infant jersey on clearance for Elsie to wear. I was super stoked about it. Micah and I realized we didn't have a shirt or jersey to wear to the Superbowl party we were attending which wasn't a big deal because we normally don't but it just so happened that while we were out looking for swimsuits for our upcoming Cancun trip we ran across vintage style football tees at Old Navy on Clearance. Due to the clearance factor the sizes left were few and the team choices even worse, Micah scored and was able to get Green bay in his size but as for me, let's just say the only shirt they had in my size was the team I loathe most. I was physically ill trying on this shirt, OK I'm being a bit melodramatic but seriously it is that bad. The only shirt they had left was oakland raiders. (that's right they don't deserve proper capitalization grammar) So Micah said i had to go all out, which from the pictures you can see I tried. I couldn't find my hoop earrings. I had also considered scrunching my hair and drawing in my eyebrows but thought that was a bit much. Anyway this party totally threw me off track for attempting to eat healthy before our trip, but now there is no hope and I figure I am what I am. I mean seriously who tries to get in shape less than a week before a trip, at this point I say purchase cute cover-ups.
Ok enjoy the pics.


Asquare said...

You ain't gotta front, Nat. I know your heart bleeds silver and black

shannon said...

You guys are a throw-up of NFL teams.

jennifer said...

Go titans!!!