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Nashville or bust

Elsie and I went on an adventure last Thursday. We flew out to Tennessee to visit her cousins and so I could get some sister time in with Jenn. Micah had a work conference to attend during this time so I booked my flight for when he would be gone. This was also part of Jenn's 30th Birthday present (me going to visit her that is)
I booked non-stop flights for both my departure and returning flight. Elsie of course was amazing for the 4.5 hour duration both ways.She is such a blessing sometimes I can't thank God enough.
So anyway, we arrived Thursday afternoon and then it snowed Friday & Saturday which basically held us hostage in the house the whole trip. It worked out though because Elsie was able to get some good quality time in with her cousins as I was able to hang with Jenn. To keep ourselves from going stir crazy Jenn and I decided to do a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that she had. We finished it in two nights. I didn't realize how addicting puzzles can be, not to mention a great way to converse and catch up on life. So as soon as the roads became semi-decent to drive on we all went out to lunch and then stopped at Toys 'R' Us to buy another 1,000 piece puzzle. This was Sunday. Jenn and I got right to it and completed nearly half by the time I left Monday. I am now officially addicted and have already gone online to order one for Micah and I to do. Haha!
I didn't take many pics...sorry.


Jammie said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the pictures

jennifer said...

You forgot to say that I finished that puzzle Monday night :) Love that sweet girl! Give her kisses from me.!