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Rain Rain go away

So I meant to blog this last week but it never happened. So here are a few pics from when it was raining non-stop and Elsie was cooped up inside all day.
Pictures: Starting from top
Elsie and Don longing to go outside, Elsie playing with a mylar balloon, her mylar balloon came loose and she just stared up t it forever. Elsie, balloon and Sprinkles (her pony) this went on everyday it rained. She would grab the balloon and hold onto her pony and walk around the house.
Bath time w/ daddy. She had fallen asleep on me and I attempted to give her some pigtails, so stinkin cute!

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DawnaHartman said...

oh. my. goodness. she is the cutest! the balloon w/sprinkles, and the pigtail - i just want to squeeze her!!!!!!!!!