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9 months

Elsie had her 9 month check up this morning. She is 17 lbs exactly, 28.5 ". She is in the 75th percentile in height and still 25% in weight. She is healthy and happy (same words I hear every time)
She finally has a bottom tooth poking through! I say that with excitement but then in the back of my mind it saddens me...deeply. She will now look somewhat older with teeth and with her trying to walk all over the place it's like she is spitting on her own pre-toddler stage and saying "Toddler stage, here I come" I almost can't handle it. When I go into her nursery and watch her sleep she looks like this tiny little bundle, but when she is awake and active it seems completely different.

On another note, I have decided to start working out again. I still haven't decided which gym I will rejoin but I'm kind of excited to do it. (actually not at all but I know I need to) For a healthy mental state and to have a healthy second pregnancy. No, no I'm not preggers yet, but hope to be soon, which is the main factor in me choosing to work out again. Plus I need to get some kind of figure back, I've been looking pretty stick figure-ish lately and need to bulk up a little. We shall see how this goes and I will keep you posted.

Below is the Pearl using her walking toy


Asquare said...

I was wondering when you were going back to the gym. Cow.

jennifer said...

Yeah for Elsie's teeth! Can't wait to see her.