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no more planning

I'm a planner, if you didn't know that, I am. Even more so now with having Elsie's schedule in the mix I need to plan my days accordingly. What time I will go to the grocery, what time I will shower and so on. Well, I finally decided to get my butt back into the gym and today was the day. I looked at the gym schedule and there was only one class that would work out with Elsie's wake time...and of course she had a rough nights sleep and I was in there holding her from about 5:45 am to 8:00 am when she officially woke up. Which basically set her schedule way back and the time I expected her to wake up so I could go work out would in fact be the time I would be putting her down for her morning nap. It is really quite funny, I mean that is my life now. When I just do my day to day things and run my standard errands everything works out but when something comes up like the "gym" everything gets all out of whack and I'm left with the choice to be upset and frustrated at the situation or laugh and appreciate my new life and the surprises it brings. I choose the later. That is my New Years Resolution you could say, to appreciate life and let it... just, happen. I can't plan every moment of my life, I just want balance. That is a good word, balance. I need that in every aspect of my life: balance. That and a good daily devotion, if any one has any suggestions let me know, I have been scouring for a good daily devotion.

Ok on with the important part. Pictures.
The only thing bad about ringing in the new year with the Q's was my outfit! Good Lord, I swear it looked cute before we left the house.
We took a picture at church to remember Elsie's first day in the Church Nursery. She loved it, and they loved her. Great 1st Sunday of 2010! Umm, reminding myself not to wear that eyeshadow again... wow.
she's a maniac, maniac! Get it... leg warmers... Flashdance, oh never mind.

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jenny murphy! said...

hey girl! i really like morning and evening by Charles Spurgeon..
the man is deep and awesome and Christ centered : )