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Best Christmas EVER!

Not only because I have amazing friends and family who got me amazing, thoughtful not to mention very original types of gifts, but because we had Elsie to celebrate it with. It is seriously so different having your own child to experience life with now, everything is better, especially the Holidays!
Elsie was so precious opening her gifts. She surprised me really, I mean I thought she would just try eating the gift wrap, but she actually opened each gift, with the help of others of course. She would tear a bit of paper and then once she realized that something was beneath the gift wrap she would try her hardest to get to it.
Ok on to the pics which is what you were wanting anyway.
This is a pic from Micah's company's christmas Party
...and this is me loving the creme brulee at the party!
Elsie was big enough to fit in her bath robe, so stinkin' cute!
Christmas Eve brunch w/ Nat & Trish, unfortunately the Aunties were unable to see the Pearl because she came down w/ a cold, but don't worry we poured out some coffee in thoughts of her. You can't tell but our hands are full of bags with all the loot we made out with. There was quite a bit given between just us three. They even sat us at a table that sat six just so we would have rom for our gifts. HAHA!
Trish trying on her new digs I made her
...later that evening we had our traditional Quigsor christmas Eve extravaganza
this was the spread of food, then later that night when the babes were tucked in tight we played a round of Buzz(PS3 game) and and then watched a Christmas movie before calling it a night

Then Christmas morn... Micah, Elsie and myself oh and Don of course woke up about 7:30 and did our stockings and together and then saved the rest of our gifts for later because we went next door for our amazing gift exchange withe the Q's. Here is Elsie opening her 1st Christmas day gift! I'm opening one of my favorites of the season! Davey made my life's motto into a work of art! The Q's really spoiled us this year! Oh and yes that is one of Elsie's gifts (from Shan's mom actually) and it read To: Elsie From: Baby Jesus..."classic"
Then we went back to our house where we finished our exchange and then my fam came over where we had another exchange! Grandma and Grandpa not only spoiled Tiny E but spoiled us as well. As you can see from these pics we all had a fabulous time. After the gift exchange and we laid Elsie down for her nap, then Quiggle's came over and we all enjoyed Christmas lunch together, which was fabulous! It was a fantastic Christmas, it couldn't have gone better...well actually it could have if my brothers were here and we could see all of the Ensors' but you know what I mean, it was awesome!
Ok so this is me petting my new purse Micah got me. There is a really long story about this, which I won't go into, but basically I saw this bag while visiting the fam in Ruidoso a few weeks back, I really wanted it but didn't want to buy something for myself when I still had people to buy for. I told Micah about it and so we went back to the little boutique to get it but they had sold it and weren't very helpful with knowing the brand name or whether they would ever get more. So I was bummed. After weeks of scouring the net for this exact bag I basically gave up hope, until I opened my last gift from Micah. Mind you this was just one amazing gift from Micah, most thoughtful by far but just one of many. He seriously spoiled me too! The video wouldn't upload but I posted it on Facebook for only the chosen few to see.
This is a video of Elsie riding her new pony Grandma and Grandpa got her. Uncle Josh named the horse Sprinkles so that is what we will continue to call it.


jennifer said...

Love it! We need to be neighbors!!

Asquare said...

I love the picture of Elsie opening her bouncy bee toy. She looks like she is saying something like, "I was totally going to buy myself this".

Asquare said...

and oh yeah, that mirror I am assuming Davey hand painted, is just wicked awesome... and your face is too.

Asquare said...

I just noticed Micah's Christmas sweater :)