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Cereal Night

So we met another couple besides the Quiggle's that love cereal just as much as we do, and when I say cereal I mean the good stuff that you got as a kid but for some reason you rarely get as an adult, probably because the sugar and fat context. Anyway we had Josh and Kate over a couple weeks before we had Elsie and decided we should have a dinner that just consisted only of Cereal. Everyone was stoked about it and said we would do it after the baby was born. We finally found a day that worked with everyone's schedule, which was yesterday and we made it happen. There were rules to this event.
Each couple had to bring two different cereals. One that they agreed upon as a favorite, the second was a wild card that neither had ever tried. Then each person would have to sample each cereal and vote on their favorite. The attire for the evening was pajamas and slippers (very appropriate don't you think)
So we all tasted each cereal at the same time and said how we felt about it. Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate Chex won my vote!
I can't wait for our next cereal night except we might be doing it over candlelight and in formal attire.
The Spread

Kate not pictured

The catastrophe (but cut me a break, I was holding a sleeping baby while trying to eat out of a paper bowl, this was bound to happen)

All tuckered out


Jammie said...

Elsie will be snatchy-grabby before you know it!

Kristi and Ken said...

that's awesome!!!! Ken and I LOOVVEEE Cereal too! Wish we could have been there!!!

Anonymous said...

Fruit loops are the best!