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Baby Einstein

So I have come down with some kind of flu, tragic I know, but it really is when you have a 2 month old and are fearful she may catch it as well. I pray she doesn't but in the meantime I needed to come up with something to entertain her during her wake time instead of me laying next to her while she is on her jungle gym mat, or holding her, or kissing her well basically anything that involves breathing on and touching her. So I decided on placing her in her swing, in front of the TV while a Baby Einstein DVD played. I was not really expecting her to watch it but maybe the noises from it would get her attention... and to my surprise she is actually watching it, intently I might add. She also hasn't stopped talking or moving since it started. At first I thought she was restless but realized she was just excited and continued to squirm and squeak throughout the whole video, so precious I know! I am sitting near her typing on my laptop.
Anyway last night I gave her a bath and afterward her hair was crazy and I called her our lil' baby Einstein, so I thought it appropriate to include her picture from last night.


Jammie said...

Papa Jace will be so proud to see the Einstein hair. He has Einstein hair fairly often. Love you sweet precious girls and boy. I enjoyed your SLIDE show.

Micah Ensor said...