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I know I haven't blogged in a while but a couple of weeks ago Elsie became extremely ill and I was all caught up on making sure she was on her way to recovery and that was about the only thing on my mind, then last week we flew to Michigan so Elsie could meet her uncles and we returned home Thursday about 1:00 a.m. By the way, thanks to all for all your prayers and concern for Elsie while she was under the weather.
So why did we travel to Michigan you ask? My brother Bear bought my grandparents old farm house in Burtchville, MI this past November. He and Greg moved out there and have basically become farm boys on 30 acres of land. Yes that's right I said 30! I visited them in January while I was 7 months pregnant and needed another fix, plus they were dying to meet their niece, and I was dying for them to meet her as well. So Micah, Elsie, myself and Josh(my youngest bro) flew out for a visit. Elsie was amazing on the airplane and even did well in her car seat on the way to the farm (about and hour and 1/2 drive North of Detroit) This was an awesome trip, there are too many details to blog about so I will just post pictures since, well let's be honest, that's all you want to see anyway. We did absolutely nothing, besides visit my grandmother in Gross Pointe,MI. We enjoyed the scenery, the beautiful weather, tractor rides, quad rides, walks around the property and of course home cooked food every meal. It was so nice to eat every meal together. We did not go out to a restaurant once and it was wonderful. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all together as a family was more than I could ask for. This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have been on yet.
I have to say my favorite part of the trip would be without question the interaction between my brothers and Elsie. They are amazing uncles and Bear even offered to change her diaper a few times. I had to hold back tears while they played with her so many times because it just blessed my heart so much and yet it also made me sad because I wish we all lived closer to each other so they could see her more often.
Ok on to the pics before I ramble on about everything.
Getting ready for take off
Chillin' in our Nashville layover, if it were a longer layover Elsie could've met her cousins...
Captured her uncle Bear's heart at first glance
same with her uncle Greg
you know this can't be good
the view of of the backside of the farmhouse, garage and barn
tractor rides rock
Bear could handle the tractor and drink his coffee, so natural like he was born to do this
going for a walk around the acreage
multiple stops to love on Elsie
snakes! Just a lil' ol garter snake is all
crocodile eyes
just sunbathing
meeting her Great Grandma Carolyn
The Great Lakes
All tuckered out
relaxing with her Uncle Bear in the hammock
Uncle Josh making a mess of Bear's land
She wore her I heart daddy shirt in honor of Father's Day!

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Jammie said...

Thank you for the pictures and the update about your vacation. I can't wait to see you in and love on Elsie in just a few weeks.