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I survived the gym!

So yesterday I had my six week postpartum checkup. It went really well, I was told I could go back to living my "old" life which included working out. I wasn't too concerned about getting in shape any time soon, that is, until I found out Natalie's (my oldest friend) wedding was moved up to this September from next years May. So that means I need to get crackin on it. So after talking to many friends and my sis' for reassurance that leaving Elsie in the gym's child care wouldn't make me a bad mommy, I decided to go. I was in tears the whole way there, but pulled myself together when I went inside. I introduced Elsie and myself to the Child Care staff and rambled on for what seemed forever about how nervous I was to leave her. I could see it in there eyes that they were used to moms like me and even though it was comforting I still felt as though they pried the car seat from me as I was going on about how she should stay sleeping and that if she wakes up she is really easy to console, seriously they were just nodding their heads and were like "She'll be fine ma'am, go enjoy your workout." I slowly walked away thinking first off, "I don't know you so how do I know she'll be fine and secondly who really enjoys their workout after not working out for six weeks!" Suffice it to say I prayed the first ten minutes on the elliptical that she would be safe (mind you I was only on it for 20 min so basically half the time) when God spoke to me, it was pretty personal so I won't go into it but basically I trusted him. I finished out my run, did some weights and crunches and called it a day. Granted I only worked out for 45 minutes, it was a big step for me in motherhood. After picking her up and realizing she was perfectly fine I decided I would go back but only two days a week. I will go to two classes a week with Shan and then if there is an evening Micah can watch her I will try and go but I just can't see leaving my fragile gem with people I don't know everyday. Maybe when she is a little older and can at least hold her head up, until then I guess I will just have to go back to eating healthy since I won't be able to work out as much as I would need to get in shape for the summer, which I am totally OK with. With that being said, I must get rid of all the fatty goodness I have in the house. I literally just walked almost a whole chocolate cream pie next door to the neighbors... sigh. I will admit, I made sure to have one last bite before I said good ridden.
Elsie loves her sling

She loves her daddy more.


Jammie said...

She is getting so big. I have got to come see her soon.

jennifer said...

What a big girl holding her head up like that! She looks so different sitting next to Micah. I wish I could hold her!!

=^..^= said...

Way to go Nat! It's hard, but it gets easier and as you get to know the staff regularly will get easier each time. She is filling out so much and is such a cutie!