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6 weeks

Today Elsie is six weeks old. It is kind of hard to believe, but it's true. Our baby girl is growing up. I almost can't stand how cute she is getting. I swear I smother her in about a thousand kisses a day, she is just to sweet I can't help it. She is definitely filling out more, you can see it in her cheeks and thighs. Her schedule is is almost consistent everyday, which makes it easy to run errands and go out. I love having her with me wherever I go. It's so weird because there are so many moments I stop and think how my life was before and it is so hard to imagine it without her in it. Like having her as an addition to the family has made our lives more fulfilled. It's weird to say that considering I felt my life was so fulfilled before with just Micah and I. Enjoy some pics I took yesterday of her


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