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A weekend full of Firsts

So this weekend we made a trip out to San Diego to pick up some new items from IKEA, we are pretty sure Elsie loves SD as much as we do. We stopped to eat lunch in the Historic Gaslamp District first and then went shopping. We made sure to stop at the Donut Corner in Escondido on the way home. Micah got the blueberry donut and I got the orange cream donut. All I know is it's a good thing this donut 24 hour donut stop is 45 minutes from our house otherwise I would be at least 20 lbs heavier. I took tons of pictures of Elsie because this was the first time I put her in pants and a top. All of her newborn outfits have consisted of onesies and pajamas. So she just seemed like a big girl to me. Plus she had the cutest shoes on too!
Today after church we made our usual grocery run and our traditional Sunday lunch stop at Wahoo's Fish Tacos. On the way home we heard a sucking noise coming from the back seat. I thought she was dead asleep but when I turned to look at her mirror we noticed she was finding her thumb for the first time. I actually caught in on video. I was so excited I almost cried. She is just growing up too fast already.
So basically it was her first time wearing pants and shoes, first time to visit San Diego, first time to Donut Corner and first time sucking her thumb!

She is ready to shop!

Her big girl outfit

Look at her shoes!
Donut Corner! It was bright outside and she refused to open her eyes


Asquare said...

You must have stopped recording right before you smacked her thumb out of her mouth.

jennifer said...

Got to love those thumb suckers! So sweet. PS. love the shoes too ;)