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Easter with Elsie

So holidays will never be the same around here, they will only get better from here on out. Having your own child to experience events with is something I can't describe. Plus having an adorable baby girl to dress up is a lot of fun as well. This past Saturday there was a community Easter Egg hunt at our local park. The Quiggle's were taking Bea so we figured we'd go and take Elsie on her first Holiday outing. Micah was able to push his little girl in her stroller for the first time, we got a picture with the Easter bunny (he was a lil' dingy looking) and we watched Bea go on the egg hunt.
The rest of the photos are of Elsie on Easter Sunday. We actually made it to church even though it was right during her feeding session. She looked absolutely precious in her Easter Dress! I kept wanting to squeeze her. None of the newborn size dresses fit her yet so I ran out to Ross and found this adorable dress in a Premie size and it fit her perfectly.
Thanks to Micah and Shan Easter was a success. I was completely out of commission. I was so tired and could do nothing but feed Elsie and make small talk with everyone. The food was delicious and everyone just relaxed, all except Shan who not only prepared most of the food, set the table and then cleaned up the whole house after, she seriously helped make Easter so special. I am so blessed with such a great support group in my life.
Please enjoy pictures of our little princess
Micah made Easter baskets for both his girls
After a long day


Jammie said...

Thank you so much for the pictures. Elsie looks so cute in her Easter dress. What a great picture with the Easter Bunny even if he did look a little dingy. I love you.

Kristi and Ken said...

What a wonderful first Easter! I love her little passie with her name on it! cute!

jennifer said...

Mmmm.... Easter candies :)

Ashley said...

are you sure you had a baby? You don't look anything like you've had a baby and the picture with the easter bunny looks photoshoped!
HA HA! J/k but it does sorta... anyone agree?
You guys are so cute as a little family! I can't wait to meet my new baby cousin! I love you guys so much and wish you all the best!

DawnaHartman said...

You don't look tired, you look fabulous girlfriend! I can't wait to come see you guys and meet the little one.

carrie said...

You guys, she is insanly cute. I was telling Jan the other day, how beautiful Elsie was. Many babies are not so cute right out of the oven, but she truly is. Good job mama.