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So I have to say, this is and will be the best job of my life. I absolutely love being a mommy to Elsie. She is absolutely precious and is making it way too easy for me. She is a very content baby and is so easily consolable when she does get fussy. I know she is only three weeks old and tougher times are ahead but I just really expected to be a walking zombie these first couple of weeks and to be a blubbering mess. I am tired don't get me wrong and I'm adjusting to Elsie's new eating and napping schedule but it is still just such an amazing experience and it is already going way too fast.
She looks completely different from when I first brought her home and is starting to show more of her personality. It is very apparent that she is a Daddy's Girl. When she hears Micah's voice she perks right up. It is so adorable.
I am including a couple pics of her from this past week. I will write more later but for now I just wanted to let everyone know, I'm alive, I've adjusted and I absolutely love being a mommy!

Uncle Matty came to visit, this is when he first met Elsie!

Walking through the airport, they looked like My Two Dads

Uncle Matty says farewell

Bath Time

Micah just thought she looked like such a big girl sitting heree
Daddy burps her the best


Kristi and Ken said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time! Thanks so much for posting the pictures! She is so cute! I love her little lips in the bath time pictures!

Jammie said...

She has grown up so much! All I can say is those two daddies and Elsie are just PRECIOUS!

jennifer said...

I love the my two dads :) What are those things on her arms? I want to squish that little slug!

shannon said...

Why is Mattie shaking his finger at her? Did she get smart with him at the airport?