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Micah's Girls

I think I have a new favorite thing about being pregnant. There were quite a few reasons before of why I enjoyed it so much, but now there is something that makes it a little more sweet and real.
Ever since my tummy turned into a belly Micah has not been able to stop touching my stomach and talking to his little princess inside there. I mean he did touch my tummy and talk to her every now and then but now it never fails, when he first awakes in the morning he says "Good Morning Kicky Baby" (she kicks me all the time so that is Micah's nickname for her), passing him in the house he will stop and rub my belly and kiss it and of course he talks to her before we go to bed.
Not that this isn't sweet enough, my favorite part of him loving her is he refers to us as "his girls." For example, when he wakes up he asks, "How are my girls doing?" or if I talk to him during work hours he will ask the same thing. I absolutely love it! It makes me smile every time. Something about referring to us as "his girls" makes Elsie seem that much more existent, something I can't realy describe or put into words. I also can't explain the love I have for her already or the new love I have for Micah. It's like the start of our new family. It's a feeling I won't ever forget.

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DawnaHartman said...

absolutely precious.
i love you guys!