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Kicky Baby

That is all I am hearing these days. Micah is non stop referring to Elsie as Kicky Baby. She really is a kicky baby though. Today was the first morning in a week I was not jolted awake by little, or shall I say big thumps in my stomach. She kicks all throughout the day at work and all through the evening. Micah said when I was spooning him while sleeping the other night he felt Elsie kicking him, and not just like one or two precious little thumps but like, "Hey you're in my space move!" type of kicking. I can already foresee the attitude on this little one, and that makes me a little nervous. Micah slapped my stomach the other day as if he were spanking Elsie and she just kicked back so hard, like she is already talking back.
Oh right now I just felt her turn over and start dancing. I have decided she is dancing in there. It is just to much movement to be kicking and punching.
Love her.

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