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6 month bump

Okay, Okay, I know many of you have been asking for this photo but it was just taken yesterday. Every 4th Sunday is a new month so that is why I waited until yesterday to take the picture. Technically this is my official 5 month bump picture. I am 24 weeks which is the start of my 6 month.
I have received many requests and even complaints about my blogging during this pregnancy. To be honest I thought I would just update each month but realized to those of you who don't see me on a day to day basis would like to be updated more often. I apologize because I realize now that things happen daily with pregnancy and there are plenty of updates to be made.

Take for example,last Tuesday. I went to my first "Measuring" appointment. This is where the Dr. will measure from your pelvic bone to above your belly button. This will determine the size of the baby inside of you and that it is progressively growing, they will measure me like this at every appt. from this point on. Anyway, the Dr. measured me and immediately had a huge smile on his face and exclaimed that I am measuring big. At first I was taken back thinking he meant that "I" was measuring big. He then assured me that the baby, not me, was above average size for how far along I was. He was making it sound like a good thing which was making me smile from ear to ear. He asked how much I weighed as a baby and I informed him 8 lbs 13 oz. (I know, big baby) then he asked how big my husband was and I wasn't sure but said he was under 7 lbs (after the appt, I talked to jan and he was actually 6 lbs 3 oz, TINY!) and then the Dr. chuckled (literally) and said looks like she got your genes. So I am so happy to know my little Elsie is growing big and healthy inside me but then the fear swept over me that I actually have to deliver this big baby!!!!
There will be more updates to come!


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Love that baby girl bump! I just want to pat her ;)