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Me and my Biscuit

This past weekend Elsie and I flew out to the Bay Area to visit Tricia. We realized we would not see each other during Christmas because I would be out of town and she would be down visiting while I was gone, so I booked a flight and off we went.
I arrived late Thursday night and we were treated like princesses the moment we stepped off the plane. I say we because Tricia and Leighton looked out for the well being of little Elsie the whole weekend. They made sure I ate well, shopped well, and slept well.
Tricia had a gift for me to unwrap each evening which was very exciting, but she also bought Elsie her 1st Christmas gift! Seeing as how it was coming from her Auntie Trish, she of course had to purchase Elsie her very first Nordstrom's gift. We love Nordie's, it is our jam and Tricia was just as excited to give the unmistakable silver Nordstrom's gift box to me as I was to receive it! I could hardly control my happiness. She will look adorable in her little romper.
I was completely overwhelmed with the gracious hospitality they bestowed upon me. Tricia treated us to Betelnut (gourmet Chinese cuisine) Saturday night and it was the best food I have eaten since I have been pregnant! It was so delicious!
There are too many great moments to mention from this trip, but it was a trip that won't ever be forgotten.

Thanks for everything Tricia and Leighton, you guys are so Awesome!

Oh, by the way, Tricia refers to Elsie as my biscuit, hence the title of this blog.

Elsie's first Nordie's gift!
This is Tricia's hands free device, I had to share with the world.

This is Leighton & Tricia getting into the spirit while wearing the monogramed pajama's I bought them!


Kristi and Ken said...

sounds like an awesome weekend!!! glad you got some nice spoilage :)

shannon said...

Leighton and Tricia are awesome!

Tweesh said...

Leighton slept in his yammies last night :)