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Awww, the joys of Pregnancy!

So I had my "28" week appointment today even though technically I am barely 27 weeks. They scheduled me a week early to to the holidays. I failed to mention last time during my last vist that I saw a different doctor other than my own. They encourage that you meet all six doctors on staff during your term so in case my Dr. isn't available at the time of my delivery there won't be a complete stranger there delivering my baby. Anyway the last Doctor, who I pray won't deliver me, said that I need to watch what I eat and try to only gain 3 lbs. each month because I was gaining more than they hoped for. WWWHHHHAAATTTT!!!!! Are you kidding me. I left there crying considering that it was only two days before Thanksgiving and was hoping to gorge on everything. Well after talking with the right people in my life they told me to do just that. So I have been eating pretty unhealthy since my last visit, not to mention my gym burned down the day after Thanksgiving (literally, no joke) so I haven't been getting the proper exercise either. It was all kind of spiteful towards that particular Dr. because I had been eating healthy and exercising before, so it was pretty much impossible to do any better.
Sooooo, anyway, back to today's appointment. I went in to meet with MY doctor and to ask her opinion on the whole weight gain matter and see of I passed my glucose test. So I step onto the scale only to find out that I LOST 1 lb. That is right I lost weight. How is that possible? I asked her if that was healthy and she said yes it was fine and then she also proceeded to tell me that I am extremely healthy and that my overall weight gain is on track and that they don't base it on a month to month basis, just an overall weight gain. Oh and I also got 99 on my glucose test which apparently is healthy, so that means I can continue to eat all the sweets I want.
So basically I left the Dr.'s office skipping and then went and made sure to eat whatever I wanted, and I will continue to do so throughout the Holidays, and quite frankly will probably continue to do so throughout my pregnancy.

I regret that I let that other Dr. get to me. I only am pregnant for nine months and for a moment I almost started obsessing about my weight because of him. I love being pregnant and I plan on continuing to embrace it and my ever changing body.

First things first, See's Chocolates.


DawnaHartman said...

That blog was awesome! Eat what you want Nat!!!!! You look amazing, and I love that picture of you with the yummy-est chocolates ever... mmmm.

jennifer said...

Mmmmm.....peanut brittle.....