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Elsie Pearl our little Girl

"It's a girl"
My whole pregnancy thus far I was certain I was having a little boy, mostly because of what everyone else was saying. The way I was carrying, the rate of the heartbeat, because it runs in my blood to have a boy first, I can go on and on about all the opinions I received, but to be quite honest I felt it. I was referring to the baby as HE early on, I really felt it was going to be.
Don't worry you aren't sensing any disappointment, I am ecstatic! Even though I thought I was having a boy it has been easier for me to plan a girl themed nursery than a boys. I actually have all the fabric picked and everything, so maybe subconsciously I really wanted a girl and that is why I have all the girl stuff planned. Not to mention it is way more fun to shop for girl clothes than it is for a boy. No offense to my future son if I have one.
Needless to say we couldn't be more thrilled. We are going to have our own little princess in just a matter of months.
Shannon made girl bootie cupcakes in celebration of Elsie!


Jammie said...

I am so thrilled. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about our little princess that is due in March. I already love her so much!

jennifer said...

Yeah for nieces!! Love her already. Give her a little spanking from her aunt Jen :)

Stacey Minamide said...

Oh yippe yay! I was the same when I was pregnant with my daughter, I swore up and down she was a boy so when she came out I thought "put her back, he's not done!" lol. Now that I have both, there is such a different bond and FUN with a girl as a mom than with my son. Both are awesome - but princesses rule, we know that as princesses (or queens now) ourselves. LOTS of blessings, love and smiles for you and Micah!

jennifer said...

Time for the six month picture post! :) anxiously waiting.