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Baby Ensor

So as most of you know we had the big Dr.'s appointment last Monday where we were to find out how the baby was developing and whether it is a boy or girl. Well good news, our baby is healthy and developing perfectly. Now as far as the sex goes, well I couldn't tell you. As you will see in the video clip below our baby was just a bouncing bundle of joy but would not for the life of me, turn around. The technician tried every trick in the book to get the baby to rotate but it just wasn't happening. So we didn't find out Monday but we are going back in next Monday to give it another go.
I was really bummed out all morning about it but was given a little nudge by God reminding me that my appointment went really well and that my baby is healthy. What more could I ask for other than a healthy baby!

OK so I had trouble uploading the original video because it was too long. I asked Micah to edit it down to just show the 3-D part, and, well, I think sometimes I should just do some things on my own. Although I appreciate his help greatly, it really wasn't what I expected. See for yourself... for the full effect you need sound.


Jammie said...

Wow that is so cool. What a sweet little baby Ensor.

Th Bear said...

"The money Shot" LOL

jennifer said...

That is some crazy moving. I love the music. At least your baby is modest. :)

DawnaHartman said...

Micah!!! (You are too funny, but very much expected if we need to be honest.)

I could cry RIGHT now! That was too precious. The shot of the munchkin sucking their thumb...tooooo cute.