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Y'all come back now, ya hear

What beats setting up a fire pit in your driveway and passing out Halloween candy to all the kids? Dressing up and acting like Rednecks while doing it. That is exactly what Micah, Shannon and myself did. Davey accompanied Bea trick or treating so he went as a vampire because she was a vampire princess. We really got into our characters which was hilarious to some trick or treaters but most parents seemed to think that is how we were really were, which made us laugh even more after they walked away. The weather was perfect, cool crisp air which was perfect for the fire pit set up. Plus we ate our traditional Sloppy Joe's and tater tots while sipping hot caramel apple cider. My brother (Bear) ended up coming down to hang out with us to. It was a great relaxing Halloween this year.

Saturday Micah and I went to a USC vs. Washington football game. It was a blow out. USC was up 49 -0 by halftime so we took off. While driving home we were stuck in traffic (I know, no surprise) but it was awesome because we were able to watch the lightning storm. It was pouring on us and it was so nice to actually have cooler weather for once. So we stopped off, ate at my mom's and then went shopping at the outside mall nearby with Bear just to take in the first official fall evening we've had. It was so much fun and even did a little Christmas shopping. I am now officially in Holiday mode.
Though my weekend was fabulous and I was able to get a taste of fall there was one thing that kept me smiling from ear to ear. I woke up Saturday morning with my official baby bump!!! Some rare nights I would have one but then it would be gone by the time I woke up. Not this time. I actually woke up and was like "whoa!" I can't suck it in if I wanted to. The baby has moved up and it is only going to get bigger from here. It is so exciting because people can actually see my bump and tell that I am pregnant! I love it!

5 month Baby Bump!!!


jennifer said...

Picture of bump to come....what is that all about? You are such a tease. :) Love the costumes. Can't wait for Monday to see if little elsto will show him/herself.

tweesh said...

where are you guys from, romoland?

jennifer said...

It is definitely there this time :) Love it! Give little elstoe a loving pat from Aunt Jen.

tweesh said...

baby bumps are hot. work it.

=^..^= said...

Your bump is the cutest! You're still pretty small but you are going to be popping out this next month or so! Glad the pregnancy is going well! ~ Stacey