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4 month bump

I was four months one week as of Sunday and growing more and more everyday, or at least it seems like I am. It's like one day something fits fine and then the next day I could try on the exact same outfit and I don't stand a chance of squeezing into it. It is quite humorous really, because everyone I run into or see continue to comment on how small I still look and I am thinking are you kidding me! I can't even get my jeans to come up over my thighs.
It is so worth it though. Pregnancy is truly the most amazing experience I have ever had. Everyday I think to myself "I hope this never ends." I love that I am able to carry this little miracle, even if only for these few short months. I realized today that I am almost half way through my pregnancy and that it is going by too quickly. If you think about it you are only pregnant for a tiny fragment of time in your life. I mean you can be your regular self all the time but you only get to be pregnant for this short span of time, it just seems too short for such an amazing period in one's life.
This week I was able to feel the baby kick. It felt like someone was flicking me lightly from the inside. The first time I felt it I stopped what I was doing at work and freaked out, I think I yelled at the top of my lungs "I just felt my baby!" Then I placed my hands on my stomach and stared at it for like 20 minutes hoping I would be able to feel it again. I didn't feel it again until I had my pregnancy massage. At the end of my massage the masseuse placed her warm hands on my tummy and the baby jumped. It's like it felt her energy and went right to where here hands were. I teared up instantly.It was so incredible and since I wasn't expecting it, that made it so much more special. Then just yesterday I felt the baby during one of the Sunday afternoon football games and I took Micah's hand and had him press where I was feeling the movement. I just watched his face to see if he could feel it and when the baby kicked I didn't say anything, I looked at Micah and he smiled so big and said "I felt our baby"... it was so awesome! Go ahead cry, I know you want to. Very moving moment I know.
below are pictures of my bump.
Oh ya, we find out in two weeks whether we are having a Boy or Girl. CRAZY!


P-Diddley said...

well gee, nat... you're more than welcome to carry my babies :)

jennifer said...

sorry I couldn't see past the girls:)

carrie said...

mike said you guys came in to river's edge a couple weeks ago. and then i was hoping to see "the bump" at church, but you guys had already left.:( but then i am looking at this blog thinking, "wow. she looks great" when i was five months pregnant with scarlett, i looked like i was seven months along.

Ashley said...

You don't look pregnant! Must be nice to be that skinny! lol
I can't wait to find out what the polly pocket is! =]