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Pack on the pounds, Pack up the clothes

So I have gained a whopping 8.5 lbs total. I know it doesn't sound like a lot (or maybe it does) but either way I can no longer fit into most of my clothes. Last night I decided to do the inevitable and pack them all up.It was a totally new experience for me. I spent the whole evening emptying my drawers and closet of clothes I no longer fit into or that I no longer would wear even if I could fit in them. It was actually just like getting ready for a garage sale, and you all know how much I love having garage sales. So I made two piles. The 1st pile was clothes I hope to fit in again someday after I lose the baby weight and the other pile was the garage sale pile. I purchased a Rubbermaid bin and put all the post pregnancy clothes in there and then threw the rest into trash bags for an upcoming sale I plan to have. My closet is half empty. Actually no I'm wrong. I cleared out enough clothes that there is one whole closet bar empty. So basically more than half. I realize that I should have taken a picture of it so that those who have seen my closet will understand how much I got rid of. Plus out of three dresser drawers I only have clothes in one... and it is only half full. The whole process was actually invigorating. I thought when I started I was going to be depressed and end up drowning my sorrows in cookie dough but instead I really enjoyed the process. I love being pregnant and I'm trying to embrace everything, and I think I handled this well. I shouldn't say that so soon because by next week I will probably post a blog of how miserable I am because nothing fits and I have nothing to wear.HA HA!

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jennifer said...

I will be waiting for the I have nothing to wear post. Wait until you actually look prego and can fit into stretchy pants. You will love it! Although I have to admit there will come a time when you are ready for the post prego clothes. Embrace your belly!! It won't always be there.