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How to Beat the Heat?

So if you weren't aware we are pretty much burning up over here in Southern Cali. The past few days have been 113 degrees, No Joke! Well at least where we live that is how hot it has been. I know we have a pool and all but we figured we could cool off even easier if we went somewhere where the temp is lower and we could make a splash! So we went and rode Splash Mountain a couple of times at Disneyland, and sure enough it was only 95 degrees there, so it was a lot cooler. I know that sounds crazy but you'd be surprised what a difference 10 degrees makes. We made reservations at the Blue Bayou the day before to assure we could get in. So we had a beautiful air conditioned lunch in the Blue Bayou and enjoyed our Monte Cristo sandwiches while watching the ships go by on Pirates of the Carribean. I'd say it was a pretty awesome day. Oh, I almost forgot, we ran into Woody and Jessie which was almost the highlight of the day until we exited Thunder Mountain and received free Mickey hats. I guess we were a handful of people that won them just for being in the right place at the right time!
This is our first time on Splash Mountain before we got totally drenched!
Woody & Jessie
Our 2nd time around, I tried tucking all my hair under the Mickey hat so it wouldn't get soaked, Yes it worked.


steph said...

I heard the news and I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

jennifer said...

don't you have some exciting news to blog about? or maybe you are waiting until tuesday?