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"Nat is there a baby in your belly?"

As quoted by my 3 year old niece Vail. After sharing the news with the family that I was pregnant (oh ya, I'm pregnant by the way) we explained to Vail that I was going to have a baby. While touching my stomach she then asked me, "Nat is there a baby in your belly?" How precious is that?
So ummm, ya where do I begin. Let's just say it's been a crazy summer and a lot has happened, even though I haven't blogged about it, and in between all the madness Micah and I found out we're expecting. Since that glorious day we have been on one crazy, but exciting roller coaster.
We found out in early July but didn't tell a soul about it, except the Quiggle's of course, because we wanted to tell everyone in person. I thought the timing was perfect, considering we had a camping trip planned with my family, and then the following week we would see all of Micah's family, due to Kristi's wedding.
Well the timing was perfect but those were the longest weeks of my life. I mean having such exciting news and not sharing it with anyone was absolutely torturous. We wanted to make sure we told our parents and families first before spreading the news to friends. But then after sharing the news with family we decided to wait until our first initial appointment with my Dr. before spreading the news. Unfortunately, they wouldn't see me until I was nine weeks along and scheduled my appt. out a month. I think I cried, actually, no wait I did cry. I mean you watch all these movies where chicks pee on the stick and the next thing you know they are visiting their doctor. Nope, not in real life apparently. After seeing that undeniable little pink plus sign, I had to wait 5 whole weeks before seeing my doctor.
Alas, the day has come and Micah and I were able to see our bouncing baby through a sonogram this morning. One word. AMAZING! It was the wildest thing I've ever seen. To think this little thing, with arms and legs is inside me. It is about the size of a Polly Pocket right now so that is what we are nicknaming it until it reaches it's next stage.
So little Polly seems healthy and is right on track. I am 10.5 weeks along and the due date is March, 23 2009. SPRING BABY!
Just so everyone knows I have had a pretty moderate 1st trimester, nothing too crazy. A lot of nausea, some yacking but nothing I couldn't handle. Oh ya, and I already can't fit in most of my jeans, so that is pretty awesome. (Pure sarcasm here) I know it is all part of the process but it is still hard to feel chubby when you have nothing to show for it. I mean I can say I'm pregnant but unless you have a basketball shaped tummy to prove it, you just feel frumpy and out f shape. But I'm in it to win it and am loving the whole process.
I know this was a lengthy blog, but it could've been a lot longer. All I know is that we are thrilled and can't wait for our next appointment. Check out Micah's blog for his side of this whole experience.
Here is our little Polly Pocket
Here is the video of us Breaking the news to my side of the family. Micah was acting as if he was taking a photograph but was filming secretly.

More to come.
Signing off,
Future Baby Mama


jennifer said...

that video was freakin awesome!! I love it! YEAH FOR POLLY POCKET!

Papa Jace said...

Boy is HE going to be embarased that he was nicknamed POLY. This is the MOST AMAZING NEWS. We are SO happy to have Nat as a member of the Ensor clan! Papa Jace

Kristi said...

Nat- I am SOOOOO excited for yall!!!!! And just so you know, you got some tears of joy from me already :) watching the video of yall breaking the news to your family got me choked right up! Not to mention seeing your little Polly Pocket!!! :) It's awesome! I can't wait to see what great parents you and Micah are going to be!

DawnaHartman said...

I'm literally crying right now. Just seeing the little baby countdown, I lost it!
I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see this blue-eyed baby. I love her already ;)

steph said...


Jessica said...

Hi Nat, I love you and I love the video Micah shot of all of us getting the news. You guys are adorable. I know I am all the way up here in San Fran but I want to see your baby bump as it grows to make sure you take lots of picts!
Love you!

=^..^= said...

Congrats to you & Micah, how exciting and what a great video, that was AWESOME! You guys will make awesome parents and look forward to watching you progress through these next few months :) I was totally thinking of you today and our discussion on fall...I love fall and it's almost time for pumpkin bread! Take care of yourself! Congrats again :)