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County Fair

So I realized the other day that I haven’t updated anyone out there in Blogger Nation that I have picked up a little something and I am trying it on for size. That little thing, is what I like to call, a Job. Oh, and it fits incredibly perfect, so no exchanges or refunds here. Seriously, this is the best job ever! I absolutely love it. I have been on a four-month break since I quit my last job. I was debating on whether to pick up a part time gig for the summer, and well God said “Here you go” and basically handed me this awesome opportunity. I am now working for a Gift Basket company. We develop gift baskets for many websites plus Costco, Sam’s Club and Disney! We do Gourmet foods and Spa packages, I could literally go on and on about this place. It is absolutely marvelous. I am on the sales and development team, so you know what that means, I get to actually use my creativeness for my job! I started a couple of weeks ago and to be honest when I went to the interview I was just thinking it would be a temp thing just for a few months but when I got there and met everyone and saw everything I would be involved in I knew that this was something I could see myself being a part of for awhile. Ok so enough work talk and on to fun! (Even though my work is really fun)

Micah and I went to the San Diego County Fair this week because he found out Dwight Yoakum , and Cashed Out were playing. Before the bands started up we made our way through the fair and picked up a few snacks. We also shopped, one of the best parts of the fair is shopping for things you didn’t know you needed until you arrived there. Anyway Dwight was awesome, but to my surprise the Tribute to Johnny Cash band was off the hook! They call themselves Cashed Out and they did the Cash family proud. Their set was over two hours long and we stayed for most of it. We ended up leaving the fair around 11:30 pm but made sure to stop and buy some Kettle Corn on our way out. Now that I think about it, the fair is just bad news. I mean, c’mon between all the shopping and irresistible fatty foods, then throw some good ol’ country music in the mix… we should have never stepped foot in there. We have no self-control when it comes to county fairs. We enjoyed every bit of it though.

Footlong Corn Dogs, are you kidding me!

I love me some dessert!

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Jammie said...

You two have so much fun. It is always fun to hear what you are doing. We love you.