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A.K.A Nashville, TN. Actually I was in Franklin, TN which is basically Nashville...but prettier. Well I flew out this week because Kristi (Bride to be) was on her spring break and would be there visiting the groom to be (Ken) and so we thought it an opportune time to get all the details settled for the wedding. We also thought we would spend time looking for bridesmaid dresses with Sarah (her maid of honor) and Jenn (sis-in-law/bridesmaid.) Kristi also had her Bridal pictures taken which was basically a high fashion photo shoot. The pictures were taken by an amazing photographer in whom I hope will take pictures this year for Micah and myself... anyway, this was a crazy week. Trying to juggle time between wedding stuff and visiting with my sis and nieces, was a lil' hectic. Thankfully craziness is my middle name so this hectic week was right up my alley! I seriously woke up this morning and felt like I needed to do something just because I have been busy all week. I missed everyone instantly and almost wished I was back there. I could here Jenn making some sarcastic remark or Vail waking me up by jumping on me. But if I was there then I wouldn't be here with Micah now, and... well, basically I missed him way too much. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to a point of being OK getting away without him, even if for just one day. After almost five years we have grown closer and become the bestest of friends. I hated that my best friend wasn't with me enjoying family and all the madness.
Basically we planned details of the wedding, did a six hour photo shoot, looked for bridesmaid dresses, found the flower girls dresses, found Jenn her Easter outfit and just hung out!

Katy has decided she likes tea just like me.

Vail was loving every minute of trying on princess dresses!
We found the perfect dress finally... serious sarcasm here.

All good things must come to an end...

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