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I assumed Easter was going to be a mess this year and that I was going to be stressed out, due to the fact that I was in Nashville all week and thought I didn't have time to prepare. Well here is just another example of why it I can't have a full time job. I have time to actually prepare for things instead of trying to get everything I need while on my lunch break. Last week I froze sugar cookie dough that I doubled while preparing the St.Patty's dough so that was ready, plus I went and got all the plastic eggs and goodies I needed before I left for Nashville. Micah, being as awesome as he is, picked up the ham for me during the week and all the other ingredients. So basically Easter was a breeze. Not stressful at all. We woke up and went to church, then came home and started preparing. Shan went home and started on her fabulous green bean casserole and cooked carrots, then came over right on time to help set up. Dawna and Neil showed up at the perfect time so she could help put the salad together. Then my family showed up and well basically it was time to eat. Those who know my brothers know that when they are hungry, well let's just say food better be ready.
After lunch my parents set out to the backyard to hide all the eggs while we cleaned up the dishes and the boys set up rock band. We closed all the curtains and blinds and they hid all 108 eggs between the two backyards. We laid down the ground rules for the hunt and then ready, set, go and it was every man for himself. The Hartmans' were determined to go to any length to get the most eggs. Just look at the pictures below.
Then after the hunt we played Palino, which is basically like batchi ball but with bard boiled eggs. There were prizes for the top boy and girl of this game.
We handed out the prizes for most eggs found, least eggs found and then there were 3 hard boiled eggs that if found received a special prize. And of course Bear found all three. He gave one to Bean though just to be fair. I still say he cheated. My brothers are ruthless at egg hunts, they will take you out even if you are wearing a dress just to get to the egg before you.
We finished off the day by relaxing and a couple hours off rock band.
Church Service Outside
Yes I know, 25 and still receiving Easter Baskets.

Shannon's traditional bunny cake...yummy!
Stripes...hmmm I wonder...Did they call each other to see what they were going to wear?
They call us Mellow Yellow
Smashy and Don watched anxiously as they hid the eggs

See what I mean about the Hartmans

While trying to find the last two eggs my dad just announced he saw one and Josh took off

Always time to pose even in the midst of a competitive game of egg hunting

Here is Luke, the newest addition to the Nantroup Family

Micah was hoping this getup would distract everyone playing Rock Band

As you can see, no reaction...

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jennifer said...

could have gone all day without the daisy dukes...