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My New Hat

Well let's see where do I start. Monterey. I will start with Monterey. I needed to go out to Monterey to put deposits down on quite a few wedding vendors and look at the ceremony site so I headed out there early Thursday morning, and by early I mean 3:00 a.m.! I was unable to find a good flight out there so I had to drive, and Micah being the amazing husband that he is didn't feel comfortable with me driving all the way out there by myself and then getting a hotel to stay in so he took off work and went with me. We were able to accomplish everything I needed to on my Wedding To Do list. We even had the chance to walk around the downtown area and fall in love with it's little community.
It was overcast so you can't tell how beautiful Stewart's Cove was.
So the next morning we headed home. There are quite a few places Micah and I wanted to visit together that were on our way home, so we took advantage of the opportunity and drove up the coastline (this adds a few hours to the drive and so we never drive the Coast Hwy) and took in all it's beauty. We stopped at Hearst Castle and then had dinner in Carpenteria. We had such an awesome drive home. I loved every minute of it.
View of what we looked at when we drove home

Hearst Castle was awesome!
Today was the Nantroup Family get-together day! We don't see our cousins often enough so whenever we have these little parties or excuses to see each other we all get so excited. We were celebrating my two cousins birthday's and my brother's. They are all spring babies so my mom had this idea that we should have an egg hunt as one of the games. Now you saw pictures of the last Egg hunt and you know how ruthless my brothers are, but when you add my competitive cousins in the mix, well all I have to say is watch out. I was just cracking up the whole time. I only found three measly eggs! After this my aunt Sherry had a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey for us to play. I am not kidding we really played it! For the rest of the afternoon it was just relaxing and catching up with family as well as a little Air Hockey, Ping Pong and Nerf gun war! We called it a night around 7:30 and headed home. I love my crazy family, they never let me down of having a great time.
Just me and my cuz yo

We took Bea to meet Hobby

Since Jenn is an L.A.P.D I thought she would protect me from Bear

Apparently she loves him more

So as you can see I Love, Love, Love my new hat and rocked it all weekend long.


Tweesh said...

is that seriously the orange sweater that i think it is? that sweater is like... prehistoric... i mean, it looks great, but i can remember that being part of our closet share program. what memories...

jennifer said...

time for another hat......

steph risinger said...

Mike and I just did that drive. We went to San Simeon for 3 days. It was so beautiful!