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...the San Francisco treat, woo-woo!

So this past weekend I had the opportunity to fly up to Oakland with Nat to visit her sister and my friend Tricia. We arrived in the Oakland airport at around 9:45 Thursday evening and Tricia was waiting at the bottom of the escalator with this sign...

From this moment I knew it was going to be a crazy fun weekend. Too many laughs to talk about in the blog but basically my abs got a great work out for as hard as I laughed this weekend.
We woke up Friday got ready, stopped at Starbucks and started our shopping spree in the city. We ended the long exciting day with some delicious pizza from a local place over in Berkeley called Lanesplitters, and it was amazing! Topped that off with some ice cream and we were up past 1:00 am chit chatting. Then woke up Saturday and started all over again except this time we went music shopping at the Amoeba Record store. We purchased some pretty sweet jams.
We didn't spend too much time shopping because we had to get home and freshen up for our limo ride into the city for dinner. Tricia's auntie-in-law was having a retirement party that her grandparent-in-laws were hosting and Nat and I were able to crash it! It was so much fun and the food was delicious. With very full tummies and an adventurous limo bus ride home we still found some way to eat brownie sundaes and stay awake until about 2:30 am! We then capped off the weekend with a pancake breakfast at IHOP and then went shopping in downtown Walnut Creek. We ended up over at her hubby's parents pad for a BBQ and to dip our feet in the pool. We said our good byes and Tricia dropped us off at the airport at 8:30. After dropping Nat off and then driving home we didn't get in until after midnight. All the excitement from the weekend must have caught up with me because next thing I know it is 11:30 am on a Monday morning and my head is spinning. HaHa! Guess I am not as young as I thought I was. It was worth being exhausted over though, because we had so much fun!
Taking a break from shopping, as you can see we learned how to use the timer on the camera
Nat and I on the Limo Bus

Before dinner we stopped off at Treasure Island for pictures

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