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"So Micah, you want to get a Dilly Bar sometime?"

That was our quote for last weekend. Micah and I were able to have Bea all to ourselves while Davey and Shan went out of town for the night. So yes you're right, we spoiled her rotten. Friday night it was restaurant of her choice and she decided on her very favorite restaurant which is Ruby's Diner. She had a grilled cheese and french fries but she kept calling it a Quesadilla. HAHA!
Then we woke up Saturday and we went out to car hunt, I know what you're thinking "Who the heck takes a five year old shopping for a car?" Well we went and visited my dad and brother at the dealership they work at and we test drove a few cars that Micah is interested in. We actually had a really good time and since Bea was on her best behavior she was able to get an ice cream of her choice from Dairy Queen. She chose a Dilly Bar.

We ate the ice cream in the car on the way to her special surprise we had planned for her. The scary thing was we had never been to where we were taking her so we had no idea what to expect. We took her to John's Incredible Pizza Co. (basically a glorified Chuck-E-Cheese, except it has rides) She had a blast, and surprisingly so did we. The only thing was we ate so much bad food we felt like crap so after we cashed in all of Bea's tickets and she claimed her prizes we went straight home and went for a jog while Bea rode her bike. We were determined to get all the sugar out of her system by the time Davey and Shan returned home. I think we did OK, but she was just so excited about her fun day that the minute they walked in the door she was bouncing off the wall again. We loved having her, she is just so precious.

Bea riding her own bumper car!

Then came Sunday. All of us had a sneaky surprise up our sleeves for Bea. After church we headed out to Disneyland and didn't tell her. We just told her we were going to get breakfast from somewhere, and then we would go home. After stopping at Sonic for a good nutritional breakfast, we drove to D-Land. It was only seconds after pulling into the parking structure that Bea realized where we were, and she flipped out. It was so much fun. We had a great weekend.

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Jammie said...

You two will maker really good parents some day.