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Back on the Blog truck people. (I have no idea what that means so don't ask)

I didn't blog about the Holidays and there is just so much that happened I will try and remember it all in order.
Let's start with Christmas Eve. We enjoyed it in the comfort of the North Wing section of our house a.k.a The Quiggle's. We had Brie fondue and played board games all night. I believe we officially went to bed by 2:00 am Christmas morning only to be awaken by a very excited 5 year old. Seriously we had so much fun! We were all so excited by the mountain of presents that were awaiting to be opened the next morning.
This basically sums up our evening
Bea was ecstatic about Christmas, almost as much as I was. We literally spent hours opening every one's gifts. Mind you neither of the two families went home for Christmas this year so we all had gifts from Grandparents, parents and siblings. We enjoyed coffee and muffins, while opening all the gifts and just had a great time. It was awesome celebrating Christmas morn with the Quigs, an experience I will never forget.

awww...Christmas morning

                         Shan got us awesome stocking stuffers...Thugs for life!
We bought Bea a tutu. She was so precious in it!

Even Don and Smashy got in the holiday spirit.
Then we left the mess for Shan and Davey to clean up while Micah and I ran next door to start preparing the Christmas meal. Actually, Micah prepared the meal I just assisted. My family would be coming over shortly and lunch was expected at 2:00 pm, and if you know my family when they are hungry, they are ready to eat. So Micah prepared his delicious Chicken Cordon Blue, with twice baked potatoes, green beans, rice pilaf and the special gravy that is spread over the chicken. It was delicious!Then the rest of the afternoon was filled with games with the whole family and playing Wii.

Wii and some more Wii.
OK now I will fast forward through the week to the New Years weekend. We decided before Christmas that we would visit Mamaw and Papaw in Clovis, NM. So after a few hours of work that Friday morning Micah, Don and myself drove 14 hours straight there. We haven't taken a road trip in awhile so we enjoyed it very much. We stayed the weekend and enjoyed the company of our loved ones. Jace and Jan drove down for the weekend as well so that rocked! We ate some of Mamaw's awesome cinnamon toast and Chicken Enchilada Casserole...mmm...mmmm...good! It was a great time and we were so glad we went.

OK I knew we weren't in Cali anymore when I saw this!

OK so now onto New Years Eve. We wake up extremely early so we get home at a decent hour because you know we had somewhere to be for New Years Eve! We arrived home at 7:00, only to shower, get dressed and head right back out the door. One of my oldest friends (Natalie) invited us over for her New Years Eve bash, so we headed straight over there. We had so much fun, and we even got home at a decent hour.YAY!

Natalie's roommate had a little Chiuaua named Chandler and I loved him!

Ya so I am not done. New Years Day has a traditional of it's own for the Quiggles and Ensors. We all partake of the worst food you could ever eat, and by doing this it is a kick off t eating healthy again for the new year. That's right, we had KFC. We only have it once a year and this is the day we do it. We all feel horrible after we eat it just because it is so fatty, but it is tradition so we have to. Of course we enjoy it while eating it, but not even a minute after we are finished we are all guilt stricken.

OK so that about sums up the Holidays. There are a lot of details and events I think I might have left off and I am sorry.

OK I don't when this was but it some time in between Christmas and New Years. Micah living out his childhood dream of being a Transformer.


Micah Ensor said...

I'm exhausted just reading about the holiday season. WHAT A BLAST! I think I make a darn good optimus prime, what do you think babe?

jennifer ensor said...

just looking at that kfc makes me sick. glad you are back.

Ensor said...

I see Micah is still working the TeePee Lounge Chicken Cordon Blue routine. WTG

Thanks for getting back on the blog truck.