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Vegas Baby!

This past Saturday Micah and I decided we would meet up with Jace & Jan for a day in Las Vegas. Well, more like an evening in Vegas. So after getting settled in at their hotel we realized that it was basically time to head out to go eat and pick up our tickets for the show. Jace tried to get a quick cat nap in before heading out but that didn't work out so well. Anyway, dinner was fabulous, and surprisingly The Phantom of the Opera was pretty amazing. We loved the show and enjoyed the evening with mom and dad very much. Unfortunately, we needed to head back home so we said our good byes and dropped them off at their hotel. It was kind of weird, because of it being a short visit it felt like we lived in the same state or something and were just meeting up for dinner and a show. Thanks you guys we had a blast seeing you.

Two Chai Tea Lattes and a Carmel Macchiato

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Kikiloo 2 said...

looks like yall had fun! i must admit i feel a tinge of jealousy- because you all got to see the show AND because you all got to see each other! I miss you all very much! Can't wait til we meet again!